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Brief Introduction to Dr. Jiang Tianxi

Dr. Jiang Tianxi is one of the specialists working at the Specialist Clinic of the Beijing Ganjiakou Hospital. He is a researcher of the Institute of Sino-foreign Comprehensive Science, member of the Beijing Euro-Asia Qigong Society and director of the Chinese Medicine Promotion Committee. In the book of ¡°Collection of Apricot Woods - one hundred specialists of traditional Chinese medicine¡±, which was published in May 1995, he was introduced like this: Dr. Jiang was born in an old and well- know herbalist family in Beijing in 1950. He grew up under the nurture of very good family education. Kong Bohua, one of the four famous herbalists in China in the mid 20th century, was his uncle. His aunt and a cousin are also professional doctors. His grand-grand father was a prime minister of the Qing Dynasty about 200 years ago. He collected a lot of secret recipes and skills about longevity from the royal court and kept them down generation after generation, which have helped his offspring have unusual quality. Dr. Jiang grew up in a fine medical practicing circumstance. Diligent studies and hard work on traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong with great concentration and invaluable experience through treating many difficult diseases for more then 10 years have earned him respects of both scholars and patients. By using Qigong and food treatment and combining pathogeny, pathology, diagnosis and therapy together, he successfully cured many patients suffered from cancer, mental disorder, protrusion of the intervertebral disc, trigeminal nerve ache, dysmenorrnoea and mammary gland swelling, etc.

Dr. Jiang said: ¡°I think that being a doctor is a noble-mined profession. I bear the duty of treating the wounded and rescuing the dying, releasing pains from patients. That¡¯s why I¡¯ve always tried hard to succeed to, practice, explore and develop traditional Chinese medicine¡±.



President Gu Fangzhou(on the left)
of Bei j ing Society and Technology
Association met with
Doctor Jiang(on the right)

Mr.Cheng Siyuan(on the left),
vice-chaiman of NPC having a cordial
conversation with Dr. Jiang(on the right).

Doctor Jiang(on the left) talked with Bao Wei jun(on the right),Editor-in-Chief of People's Dai ly

Former deputy mayor of Bei j ing
Feng Mingwei(on the extreme left) and
Gu Fangzhou(in the middle) talked with
Doctor Jiang(on the extreme right)

Ms. Chen Wenyin(on the extreme left),
an overseas Chinese leader in Los Angeles talks with Dr. Jiang(on the extreme right).

Dr. Jiang talks with an investor of South Korea(front row on the extreme left).


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