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Doctors' viewpoints on "Qi"(vital energy)

This is Beijing Ganjiakou Hospital. Xuman, and the famous journal ist of Radio¡¡International is visiting the hospital director Zhao Zengpei, for the information on Dr. Jiang about curing many patients withcomplicated¡¡symptoms.

Director Zhao, though the hospital is quite smal but it is very famous. So would you like to brief us on your experience in running it?

Ganjiakou Hospital, under the leadership of Health Bureau in Haidian District, is a people-owned hospital, which has 25 sections and gives over 400 out-patient consultations every day. We know Kong Bohua is head of Four Big greatest doctors, and he has a nephew, Dr. Jiang, who has a martial art technique to treat a variety of diseases. In this case, by the continuous request of patients nearby, we rehired Dr. Jiang from his retirement. In our hospital, we find that highly skilled Dr. Jiang is able to free patients from suffering complicated diseases, in particular, the internal symptoms. He has received patients' commendations many times and a variety of banners as well.

In this regard, I remember one outskirt farmer. He was confirmed with the primary liver
cancer in Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital, and the liver's large surface was 8-10 cm. His
treatment in Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital was less than ideal. He heard about Dr. Jiang and that he was in this hospital, and he came a long way to our hospital from the distant suburbs. After several treatment courses by Dr. Jiang, the effect was remarkable.He was not only very astonished but very grateful to this outcome. I have seen many cases like this, and more than a dozen cases of such kind have received effective treatment.

In November last year, my wife had a painful waist. Because I am a doctor with a lot of
experience, I thought she was suffering from low-fiber fat inflammation, but after more than a month of treatment, using medicine inside and outside, there was not much effect to be seen. It was very difficult for her to walk , work and even do some basic chores sometimes. When Dr. Jiang came to this hospital, he carried out two treatment courses on her. She was fully cured, and she could, then bend over, and do activities just like normal people which was quite impossible for her to carry out before Dr. Jiang's treatment. I think it is amazingly effective. This is my first-hand experience, and my wife benefited from the treatment.

Another patient in December last year was the head of our hospital office, Mr. Sun. The road he was walking on was very slippery due to snow in December, He slipped and hurt himself. One month later, the plaster was removed, he could not move his wrist and could not write. Only after one treatment lasting for half an hour, he soon was able to write. He can also do activities using the wrist. This is a miracle. The next day, he was able to write and copy freely.

The third patient is the chief of our hospital's General Section. He had frequent recurrence of his kidney stones. At the time of recurrence, his entire waist was dramatically painful. It was very difficult for him to walk, which had a direct impact on his work. On the fifth day of this year, he suddenly got recurrent kidney stones. In our hospital, after subcutaneous injection, the pain could not be eased, and his sweat dripping added more to the unbearable pain. In this case, Dr. Jiang came to the hospital for work. Director of our hospital doctors stopped him and asked him to see our chief as he was in a great deal of pain. And he told Dr. Jiang that treatment already took place in the morning but not much effect was to be noticed. In this case, the doctor treated our chief with Qigong therapy, and acupuncture Qigong massage. During the treatment, the Chief had a feeling of relief following with a urination feeling, which immediately lead him to go to the toilet. Coming back, he felt that the entire lower back pain and abdominal pain had disappeared, and all problems were over. Later, the symptoms never reoccurred.

Lin Dong, a 17 year old girl, is another example of successful treatment. She suffered from spinocerebellar atrophy as a result of amniotic fluid choke during birth and lack of prompt treatment. The symptoms include loss of ability to walk and speak and very limited self-care capability. Her parents had to quit work to accompany her at home because nobody else knew how to care for her due to lack of normal communication. The parents finally brought the girl to Doctor Jiang and asked for help. Doctor Jiang, after removing all the difficulties, healed Lin Dong. The girl has learned how to operate stocks from her mother and is now able to make successful online transactions. This is really boundless beneficence!

From the experience of our hospital patients and my wife, I feel Dr. Jiang's Qigong really
can cure many diseases. Because I am experienced in Western medication and because im familiar with western medicine I had always questioned Qigong's ability and power to cure diseases. But after Dr. Jiang came to the hospital,all my question were answered. Some diseases resistant to Western medicine ,have been cured under Dr. Jiang's careful treatment, with a significant and good effect. He has not only received praise but also blessings from the patients. When I was at work, I visited a dozen patients, and they all praised Dr. Jiang in the same way. So I really admire Dr. Jiang and his Qigong, and it also adds pride and fame to our hospital.

Led by Wang Hebin, previous chief personal physician of Chairman Mao Zedong, Hexie Meiyun Chinese Medicine Clinic is a general clinic specializing in Chinese medicine and aiming at promoting treatment methods inherited from traditiona Chinese medicine. The clinic has evolved greatly thanks to the ongoing efforts of al
medical staff with medical skills and ethics and our medical skills have been widely accepted among patients. The real Chinese traditional medicine and regimen theories are also gaining much popularity.

Doctor Jiang, a specialized Chinese medicine expert, is now working with devotion here to relieve the pain of patients suffering from some refractory diseases and help them rebuild their beautiful lives. I would take one particular young patient as an example, it is a 19 year old girl that was diagnosed by five authoritative hospitals to have ataxias and believed to be spending all her life in wheelchairs. This was a nightmare for both the teenager and her family. They fell into endless helplessness, despair, and pain. As the young patient saw no hope for her life, her grandmother who used to learn acupuncture resorted to her teacher, a prestigious senior Chinese medicine doctor. The doctor also believed the case was very challenging, but recommended a treatment combining traditional qigong and Chinese medicine. The girl's life seemed to be predestined when she took this advice and asked Doctor Jiang for help, who was called a divine doctor by many of his patients. At that time, Doctor Jiang was burning incense and worshipping the gods in Putuo Mountain. He immediately changed his itinerary and returned to Beijing after getting to know this case. The family of the girl were impressed during the first treatment as the girl gave a smile that they hadn't seen for long. They were moved by this touching moment and became extremely joyful. After treatment for a few periods by Doctor Jiang, the patient was able to move with the support of two people, then walk alone, and finally ride bicycles to go to work. I witnessed the whole medical miracle together with the family in great delight. The father of the patient called Doctor Jiang the benefactor of the whole family. The grandmother of the patient made a special banner for the clinic to express their deep thanks.

This kind of story happens to many of Doctor Jiang's patients who came in despair and left with great joy. By combining traditional Chinese medical theories and qigong during
treatment, Doctor Jiang successfully extend precious lives of patients, helping them
experience the feeling of happiness in harmonious and wonderful lives.

Mr. Xie served as Chief Editor and General
Manager of Internat ional Cul tural Publishing Company. Now he is Vice President of China Yellow River Cultural & Economi c Deve lopment Re s e a r ch Committee. He has taken on historical essays for more than ten years with many outstanding work pieces, which we will read respectfully later. Mr. Xie also has his own ideas about life science and history, and unique opinions about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qigong medicine. Currently we'd like to hear your suggestions and give us some guidance.

Here, I will briefly recall how I recognize Dr Jiang. Twenty years ago, I was just arranged to deal with the International Cultural Publishing Company. One of my friends in America
asked me to invite two Qigong masters to America, so Wang Xinming, the office manager
that time and CEO of Saite Group later on, who had a wide range of contacts, found a dozen of Qigong masters, the youngest in which was Dr Jiang. I didn't know Dr Jiang before. He gave me a call in Wang's office when he joined the company. He reckoned me I had three minor diseases from my QiChang on the phone. It was so accurate that I felt surprised. Then all Qigong masters showed their skills respectively. Some of them enjoyed a certain reputation in the folk, but Dr Jiang was unknown to the public at time. After the skill show of Qigong masters one by one, it was Dr Jiang's turn. Unimaginably once while performing his Qigong skills, he froze our American friend who had big waist and arms like using Su Wukong's freezing skill. The American's both arms were still just like nailed on cross. He couldn't get it down until Dr Jiang didn't stop. Our American friend experienced it by himself and opened his eyes. He felt Dr Jiang was more skillful than other masters and wanted Dr Jiang to go back with him. But he wanted Dr Jiang to go as labor service, not as doctor, so Dr Jiang didn't accept it. I told Jiang he was right and I supported him. He shouldn't go because we can't just loose our status and dignity.

Then Dr Jiang and I became good friends. Dr Jiang's clinic was in Ganjiakou hospital at that time, which was very close to my house. Once I had time in the evening, I came to visit him and watched him how to treat patients by Qigong. After that I introduced a lot of friends, especially foreign friends to see him how to treat patients or treat their own illness. It was hard for Dr Jiang to be a doctor, which normal people can't endure. Why? Because he treated patients during the night. He was in the hospital six nights every week from Monday to Sunday. Usually he couldn't take a rest in Sundays because there were always some patients visiting him. Everyday when he rushed to the hospital in all weathers, there were a number of patients waiting for him. Because it took a long time to use Qigong to treat patients, he finished his treatment very late, and came home until one or two AM the next day. I experienced the situations by myself that Dr Jiang cured many typical diseases, so I asked the journalists of two magazines to interview him. One of the two magazines distributed in Japan. Later on some Chinese residents in Japan knew Dr Jiang from the magazine. They returned to China to look for the cure for their families' difficult diseases. After all their families' diseases were cured. They appreciated Dr Jiang so much.

In all Dr Jiang's treatments I experienced, the treatment for the two children impressed me the most. One was about seven or eight years old. When his mother held him in her arms and came to visit Dr Jiang, he was dying with little signs of life. His parents had taken the child to some big hospital in Beijing before, but their treatment was not effective. They had to watch his illness become more and more serious day by day. They knew Dr Jiang finally through many other contacts. According to his unique examining skill, Dr Jiang found a disease that had no records in TCM or western medicine. He called it ¡°refrigerator disease¡±! What did ¡°refrigerator disease¡± mean? It meant that he had consumed too much of freezing food and drinks. The algidity was stored in his liver and spleen, which couldn't be excreted. So his appetite disappeared. Additionally with a lot of TCM and western medicine, how could he endure? Dr. Jiang asked the boy to lie down immediately and began the treatment. The child's algidity rose and emitted from his feet to his heart. It was too much that Dr. Jiang asked us to stay away to avoid the infection. After Dr Jiang's careful and miraculous treatment, the child recovered very quickly.

The other example was even stranger. The sick child's mother came to visit Dr. Jiang when she had read our magazine. She had a nine years old girl who felt sick. She had visited the biggest five hospitals in Beijing, including the ¡°Children King¡± in the children's hospital. Their common conclusion was myocarditis. They prescribed a lot of Chinese medicine and western medicine for myocarditis. But the child's disease became more and more serious after their medicine, and finally she felt more weakened without any appetite. She even couldn't walk or get up from the bed now. When reading the introduction in the magazine, the mother came to Ganjiakou hospital, and grabbed the last straw to ask Dr Jiang to treat her daughter. When Dr Jiang asked her when and how her daughter got the disease, she recalled that her daughter fell ill when she came back home from a game in BabaoshanEntertainment court and got threatened. According to his diagnosis, Dr Jiang confidently told her that although her daughter had the symptoms of myocarditis, what she had was ¡°threat disease¡±! Her nerves got disordered when she got threatened, and additionally with the misdiagnosis and the medicines, it was just like she had much poison and which couldn't have been excreted. So her health collapsed. Dr Jiang asked the girl to lie down on the sickbed, and began the treatment immediately. It was so effective that the child recovered after ten days of the treatment. The mother appreciated Dr Jiang very much and thanked our magazine to have brought her the helping voice.

Now the child has gone to college, and still remembers Dr Jiang who saved her from death. In his clinic, I witnessed how he cured a disease in few minutes. Once I was at his clinic, a migrant working girl was carried by her girlfriend to visit Dr Jiang. Her face was pale, and cried about her pain in the stomach. Her girl friend asked Dr Jiang to save her life. She told that they had applied for the emergency in Ganjiakou hospital. Because they had no CT machines, so they rushed to the nearest Naval General Hospital. But doctors there couldn't find any illness after they checked her cardiac muscle and so on. At last they return to Ganjiakou hospital. Thanks for the emergency guidance, they found Dr Jiang and rushed in. When seeing the girl with such a pain in her stomach, he left the patients he was treating and asked the girl to lie down. During his treatment, he asked what she had eaten today. She told she ate simmer meat. Because it had been a long time since she had simmer meat, so she ate a little more. When hearing this, Dr Jiang didn't say anything any more. After five minutes of the treatment, he asked the girl how she felt. The girl felt recovered immediately, and there was no pain in her stomach any more. She got up from the sickbed immediately and there a very moving situation coming up. She kneeled down to thank Dr. Jiang. Dr Jiang helped her up and gave her some advice, and then saw them leave happily. I asked Dr Jiang what happened. He said it was enterospasm obviously. She ate vegetables all the time. Once seeing simmer meat, she began to devour it. It was easy to cause enterospasm, which CT can't diagnose. Dr Jiang came out with this accurate conclusion according to his experience
and QiChang judgment. He told me that he can cure her illness immediately because she just caught such emergency disease. If the disease was chronic then he couldn't cure it withing such a short time. Additionally, with her age, for the same disease, the young could be cured immediately, while the old may take longer time to recover.

Qigong can be called ¡°green¡± treatment regarding a fashion word. It doesn't need any
medicine or cause any pain and cures your disease before you even know it. One of those years my mother had lymphoma, while one of my schoolfellow was a specialist doctor in a big hospital in Beijing, and he advised to take a resection operation. But I thought the operation was too dangerous. My mother was more than eighty years old. How could she endure such a big operation, I thought. So I discussed with Dr Jiang, he told me to take Qigong for the treatment. After Dr Jiang's treatment for a while, her disease condition became stable. Then my mother went to her hometown down to the south for the convalescent. Although she died two years later, the cancer cells didn't expand during these two years and that she didn't have to suffer with no pain when she died. Her looks were very serene. The reason why she died was that the lymphoma had blocked the trachea. My mother was aged, additionally with lymphoma, so it would be her time sooner or later. It was my big fortune that she could live for two more years and passed away peacefully in the end. Later on, I told it to Gu Fangzhou, director of the Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Science. Gu said it was a miracle that Dr Jiang could cure cancer without pain. At that time, Dr Jiang told me that he wanted to make a progress in the medical field, and he hoped that he could cure cancer by Qigong, beyond pain and sufferings.

So I not only followed Dr Jiang, but also benefited from him. My wife had breast lump.
Doctors in Hetong hospital suggested her to exercise her breasts immediately three times, and gave us a warning that if the operation is not done and once there was canceration, it would be too late. But she didn't want the operation, so I persuaded her to visit Dr Jiang. She took Qigong treatment with some suspicion. Even during the treatment, she didn't believe that Dr Jiang could eliminate the lump by hand fanning in front of her chest. But basically the lump disappeared three or four months later. There was still a little left, and Dr Jiang told that it didn't matter if such small lump was there. Ten years has passed, and my wife's breast lump hasn't reoccurred. Her health is good and she's out from the heavy mental burden. She told her story later on and persuaded her sister in law to try Qigong treatment as well. Her sister in law was an editor in a publishing house, and was suffering from what is called the ¡°scleroderma¡±. She visited some hospitals, but it wasn't cured. She was told it was the disease that can't be cured. She felt that the whole world was meaningless and that she wouldn't live for a long time now as her skin was turning black and rigid. So she had a heavy heart and no appetite at all. When my wife talked with her, she visited Dr Jiang with the last despite she couldn't believe that her disease could be cured by Qigong. In his first diagnosis, Dr Jiang confidently told her that what she got was not scleroderma at all, but the response of endocrine disruption in menopause. Then she saw the hope that the disease could be cured. After one month treatment, her ¡°scleroderma¡± had now disappeared.

Misdiagnosis is very fatal. Some quacks or even the best doctors in the perticular field miss the best treatment time, or even make the patients die in vain because of their misdiagnosis. It is the problem not only related to the medical ethics, but also related to the medical skills. What I admire Dr Jiang for is his accurate diagnosis. Patients visiting him had various strange diseases, and they had seen a lot of experts diagnose them in very big hospitals, but he can re-diagnose them whatever the former diagnosis was. Dr Jiang's medical brilliance is that he guarantees the diagnosis with TCM and western diagnosis skills. TCM and western medicine have different features in diagnosis. TCM diagnosis is the skill of inspection, listening, inquiry and palpation, combining inquiry, palpation, face diagnosis and tongue diagnosis, applying TCM theory and unique diagnosis skills, and then it determines the diagnosis and treatment. Western medicine belongs to modern medicine, applying modern skills for the diagnosis and treatment, using micro methods to research and recognize the disease. Dr Jiang would check other hospitals' diagnosis at first, and see the result of western medicine diagnosis. Then he began the TCM inquiry and palpation, not only to understand the disease reasons and conditions, but also to communicate by QiChang, and find out which meridian in the patient's body is blocked. He diagnoses accurately and confidently, so he can challenge the diagnosis of other big hospitals or experts and infact treat the patient completely.

I have a friend named Yu Zongseng, an old professor and doctor tutor of University Of
Science and Technology Beijing. He is famous in material science and he is very interested in Qigong. He published two papers about Qi and Chang. Not a long time ago, he published another monograph named ¡°Critics and Reflection on Science¡±. He thought that the popular saying that there was no science in ancient China resulted from the fact that people took western science originating from Greece as the standard. It made related technology in ancient China have nothing to do with ¡°science¡±. TCM and Qigong didn't meet the ¡°science¡± standards as well, so they didn't become ¡°science¡± all the time. Now in the west, TCM is an alternative medicine, which means that it is only an additional medicine, using in the forced situation. So the author mentioned that ancient Chinese science has different developing ways in regard with the west, which is another science different from the western science. At least, there are two kinds of ¡°science¡±: one is the western science; the other is traditional Chinese science, which is different from the western science in basic thoughts. As for TCM, it had its own integrated theoretical system two thousand years ago. Its effect is proved by the history, as well as thousands of millions people in China, Asia and more and more people in the west. Such a science with its own system and proved by more than two thousand years practice is the evidence of another science in the world, which is different from modern technology.

How to succeed ancient Chinese science, and make further developments is the major tasks we are facing now? Famous scientists like Qian Xuesen, Wu Wenjing and so on have made outstanding achievements in this field. And there are some experts like Yu Zongseng who have and are making their biggest efforts, so that many theories about the development of traditional Chinese science has come up, and the original system of traditional Chinese science forms. But it is feared that fewer and fewer talents are taking on the job in this field. Just take Qigong treatment for example, in which there are even fewer talents. Many people practice Qigong, but they only regard it as health exercise or a personal health activity. And for those so-called ¡°special Qigong masters¡±, it is totally a mess, in which many fraud Qigong or low Qigong turning up. A few people have genuine Qigong, but they don't know medicine. Even they know medicine, they don't have so much clinical experience as Dr Jiang does. How to succeed Qigong treatment is a big problem now. I always feel the sense of crisis, and worry about it. So I hope that all people who want to save Qigong medicine including Dr Jiang and the patients,should make efforts together to leave a valuable asset for our next generation.

Mr. Xie's words are very humble and touching. In fact what Mr. Xie cares about is the things we will do immediately and responsibly. Traditional Chinese science has a lot of valuable deposits. If people would like to explore and accept it from the bottom of their heart, a new scientific era will soon begin.



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