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The Principles for Diagnosis and Treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong (a system of deep breathing exercise) are the two bright pearls of the brilliant ancient Chinese civilization and also a great mine waiting for opening. This mine treasures up lots of essential knowledge about human life and experience on curing diseases and preserving health, which has been drawn from practice and observation by millions of Chinese people for several thousand years. Traditional Chinese Qigong played an important role in the invaluable experience and profound understanding.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes herbalists¡¯ diagnosis and treatment, acupuncture, massage and Qigong. One of its main theoretic fundaments is Jing Luo ( main and collateral channels, regarded as a network of passage, through which vital energy circulates and along with acupuncture points are distributed ) theory. The Jing Luo system comprises 12 positive channels, 10 passages and branches of channels, and a network of complicated physical system spreading all over the human body. These channels and passages through which vital energy and blood circulate nurture the whole body, harmonize Yin with Yang, and keep normal functions of every part of the human body and balance with outside environment. Ancient Chinese herbalists said: ¡°They determine life and death; deal with all diseases; adjust deficiency and excess. That is why they have to be clear and unobstructed.¡±

The damage or deficiency in any part of human body may more or less cause aberration in human¡¯s Jing Luo system, or even its integrality. This will result in unbalance on human body and alteration of the vital energy field. On the other hand, environment changes also bring on corresponding adjustment of the energy field. But the vital energy field is not completely passive. It has holographic characteristic and stability as a holistic network, which can influence each part of the human body.

Qigong diagnosis and treatment is actually to communicate with patient¡¯s information through the vital energy field to find out the wrong point on patient¡¯s vital energy field and provide contrived energy to transform the vital energy field outside, then readjust the unbalanced energy field and recover its healthy balanced state.


Medical test before treatment.

Medical test after treatment
by Doctor Jiang¡¡

Doctor Jiang(on the left) gave volunteer
medical consultation with
TCM specialists(on the right)

Medical diagnosis before treatment.

Medical diagnosis after treatment
by Doctor Jiang

Patient Lu Rui, female, 9y old, diagnosed as rheumatic myocarditis by Peking University Third Hospital while the Peking University First Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital
Institute of Pediatrics, People's Hospital and Beijing TCM Hospital held different opinions. Doctor Jiang diagnosed it as hyperekplexia.
With the syndrome differentiation theory of traditional Chinese medicine that terror is harm to kidney and anger is harm to liver, the patient was recovered after XX courses of treatment.
The three indicators for rheumatism were back to normal and this case was reported by Sunday edition of China Daily.


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