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Doctors' viewpoints on "Qi"(vital energy)

What is the essential constituent of material? Ancient Chinese and Greek scientists had entirely different views. Chinese believed "Qi"formed everything on earth, while Greeks thought it was made up of elementary particles.

In recent years, many scholars have boldly probed into ancient Chinese "Qi"and tried to confirm its existence through experiments. On 3rd issue of ¡°Science and Technology Review¡± this year, Professor Yu Zongsen of Beijing Science & Technology University wrote an article entitled "The Hypothesis on Narrow-sensed'QI'".He compared the ideas regarding material composition both from China and foreign countries, and then brought forward a fresh hypothesis. His basic viewpoints are as follows:

1. Modern science considers that there are four essential functions in universe. They involve electromagnetism, gravitation, strength and weakness. But these functions do not include"Qi",which was often mentioned in some ancient Chinese books.

2. Nowadays the "Qi"hypothesis is mostly based on conventional Chinese Jing Luo theory (main and collateral channels, regarded as a network of passages, which the acupuncture points are distributed) and acupuncture and moxibustion practices. Jing Lou theory is one of the main foundations for traditional Chinese medicine including dialectical treatment. The Jing luo system objectively exists in human body. This not only has been verified by the subject experience of the people in China and foreign countries in ancient times and today, but also measured by substantial scientific experiments in recent years. Jing Luo system has not been located in human body in anthropotomy until now and western doctors have not recognized or accepted it. However, more and more countries have begun to acknowledge acupuncture as a legal medical treatment means.

3. The basic points of the "Qi"hypothesis are related to Jing Luo in human body. They are:

1). "Qi"is one function beside the four elementary particles in the universe. It is a sort of field, which goes with any elementary particle and its polymer. Jing Luo system in human body is a network system of "Qi"field formed by various kinds of tissues, apparatus and body fluid.

2). For organism, the intensity of "Qi"field increases with the complexity degree of a creature. Human "Qi"field¡¯s intensity is maximum among all the creatures on earth. Every tiny part of human body contributes some "Qi"to form the Jing Luo system, but the amount of the contribution is quite different.

3). When the congeries on every layer are in steady state, its "Qi"intensity can be shown approximately as a whirlpool.

4). Because the "Qi"field of human body forms the "Qi"field system, it can interact with the "Qi"field of environment, electromagnetic field and gravitation field.


Premier Zhou(on the left) met with
head of four masters of TCM Mr.
Kong Bohua(on the right)

Dr. Jiang (on the right) swaps ideas
on medical treatments with Mr.Kong
Shaohua(on the left), son of Kong
Bohua, one of the four most famous
doctors of traditional Chinese
medicine in the mid of 20th century.¡¡ ¡¡

Superior taoist (on the right) of Baiyun Guan Taoist Temple was with Doctor Jiang (on the left)

Mr.Cheng Siyuan (on the left),
vice-chariman of NPC meets
Dr.jiang (on the left).

Mr. Chai zenmin (on the left), former
Chinese ambassador in US
interviewed Dr.Jiang (on the left)

Dr.Jiang (on the left) meets Mr.Feng
Mingwei,former vice mayor of
Beijing (on the right)


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