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Some Typical Cases

Case 1

A 47-year-old worker in Beijing named Fu Zhigong was diagnosed having primary liver cancer when he was hospitalized in a famous hospital. As he had a big tumor (10.40 x 10.50 cm) combined with ascites, he was believed of no therapeutic value. Never despairing, Mr. Fu came to see Dr. Jiang. Dr. Jiang carefully examined his condition and worked out a treatment plan. The patient¡¯s ascites and liver tumor faded away gradually and he didn¡¯t feel pain anymore after 30 days Qigong treatment. The doctors of the hospital Fu stayed in couldn¡¯t believe it. Then they re-examined his liver with most advanced PET system. The result confirmed the patient had fully recovered and escaped from death.

Case 2

A 37-year-old ward-mate of Mr. Fu, named Cao, got the same disease -liver cancer ¨C and was in critical situation with unbearable pain. The doctors in the hospital he stayed in tried all possible treatments and used antalgestic to stop his terrible pain but failed. When he heard Mr. Fu¡¯s story he went to see Dr. Jiang at once. Dr. Jiang checked his situation and made sure Cao had no chance to survive. But he couldn¡¯t help himself to challenge the horrible cancer when he saw the patient was inflicted unfold suffering. Though the patient¡¯s liver had been necrosis, Dr. Jiang decided to alleviate his sufferings as more as possible with his Qigong treatment. Fortunately, from first time Cao took Jiang¡¯s treatment until his peaceful death he no longer feel any pains.

Case 3

Another patient,a middle school student,
male, 14y old, suffered from headache as the
sequelae of inappropriate treatment upon his
birth. The headache occurred frequently
during the patient's growth and at a frequency
of 1-2 times per week during the primary
school, after having a trauma on the head
at the age of 8, and then became more
intensive during the patient's middle-school
time. As examined by doctor, the patient was
diagnosed as nervous headache and was
treated by Doctor Jiang with Qigong. After
the first treatment, the headache was eased
with the patient's feeling of having fever and
certain pain around the head. Upon seven
times of treatment, the headache was resolved
completely and the patient's diet and sleep
were recovered to normal.

Case 4

Patient from some design institute of Beijing,
female, 58y old, was diagnosed as
rheumatoid disease in June 1993, withsymptoms as morning stiffness, swelling of
right wrist joint and instep edema. Limit
effect was seen after treatment by several
hospitals. In the middle of December of that
year, the patient resorted to Doctor Jiang's
Qigong. The swelling and the pain was
eased only after one course of treatment, the
morning stiffness and edema were resolved
after two courses of treatment, and the patient
was basically recovered after three courses of

Case 5

Patient from a state institution, female, 46y
old, was attacked in an evening in December
1993 by nervous headache. No effect was
seen after injections and medication. Then the
patient was transferred to Doctor Jiang's
clinic for Qigong treatment, and the headache
was eased after half an hour and completely
resolved after one hour. Several days later, the headache relapsed and was diagnosed as
angioneuralgia headache by cranial
neuroscientists of a hospital. Then the patient
resorted to Doctor Jiang's Qigong again and
the disease condition was eased after one
hour. With continuous treatment for half a
month, the disease condition was controlled at
a stable state and was resolved after a
consolidation therapy with no relapse till now.
The patient is offered an opportunity to learn
again and is free from the disease.


An infant patient, 1.5y old, was suffering
from myasthenia gravis. At the first time the
infant was taken to Doctor Jiang's clinic, the
patient could not even raise its head, but now
it can draw up its neck straight and upright
with a period of treatment.

Case 7

Patient Ma XX, female, 65y old, was
diagnosed with a cyst at the right
kidney, retroperitoneal ascites and edematous
pancreatitis; her life had been supporting with
nutrition injection for three months without
taking food; after five courses of treatment by
Doctor Jiang, the patient could now eat
normally again and the pain was greatly

Case 8

Patient Xue XX, female, 40y old, was
diagnosed with hypothyroidism and no
response was seen af ter months of
medication, after three courses of treatment
by Doctor Jiang with traditional Chinese
qigong to smooth the veins, the patient's
indicators were back to normal.

Case 9

Zhao XX, female, a 19y old high school
student, was observed with symptoms such as
dysarthria, dysgraphia, abnormal gait, eyeball
pain and dysphagia etc. and diagnosed as
ataxia with no appropriate treatment
protocols after examined by 301 Hospital,
Xuanwu Hospital, Academy of Traditional
Chinese Medicine and Dongzhimen Hospital
in March 2008. The patient was hospitalized
in Xuanwu Hospital for 18 days since March
10, 2008, but no response was seen and the
patient was declared to spend the rest of her
life in a wheelchair. Later, it is heard that there was an 87-year-old doctor of traditional
Chinese medicine who was good with
difficult and complicated diseases, the patient
went to see the doctor but was again refused.
After many times of effort, the doctor agreed
to see the patient on April 7, and suggested
the patient to seek for qigong treatment. The
sister of the grandma who brought us to the
doctor immediately called Doctor Jiang, who
was burning incense at Putuo Mountain.
Doctor Jiang asked a few questions about the
disease and traveled back to Beijing with no
hesitation. On april 28, Doctor Jiang met the
patient and the patient got more vigor after
the first treatment. Upon the completion of
the first course of treatment, the patient was
better while walking, dysphagia was resolved,
and leg trembling and the dysgraphia were
also partly eased. Then with five courses of
treatment, the patient was recovered in
middle October, and could even ride bike for
work. Please see the DVD for details.
Patient's family member
October 2008

Case 10

Patient Cui XX, female, 50y old, was
diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at
7.2cm¡Á5.4cm; after two courses of treatment
by Doctor Jiang, the cyst was effectively
controlled to 5.1cm¡Á5.8cm from its
original size.



Mr. Fu¡¯s medical certificate written by a hospital.

Mr. Fu¡¯s medical certificate by the same hospital after he took Dr. Jiang¡¯s Qigong treatment.

The silk banner Mr. Fu Zhigong
presented to Dr. Jiang as an award
expressing his gratitude towards Dr.Jiang.

Famous cal l igrapher Feng Yiwu
(on the left) talking with
Doctor Jiang(on the right)

Famous writer Gao Liang(on the left)
discussed TCM Qigong with
Doctor Jiang(on the right)

Reporter Xu Man(in the middle) from China Radio International interviewed Doctor Jiang's patients home and abroad(on extreme lefts)

Dr.Jiang(on the left) treating Mr. Fu Gengye(on the right), a famous Chinesecal l ingrapher, with Qigong

Ms. Xi l i Nayi(on the right),hostess of Bei j ingTV Station interviews Dr.Jiang(on the left)

Mr. Zhang Zhenfu(on the left), a famous singerPreviously, discusses possible ways for curing cancer with Dr. Jiang(in the middle).

Medical diagnosis before treatment

Medical diagnosis before treatment by
Doctor Jiang

Medical diagnosis after treatment
by Doctor Jiang

Medical diagnosis before treatment by
Doctor Jiang

Medical diagnosis after treatment
by Doctor Jiang


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